A few fun facts…

I’ve been reading more health magazines and articles lately and came across a few health tips and facts I didn’t know about before…enjoy!

  • Your body can only digest around 30 g of protein at a time, so be aware when you’re preparing meals that are high in protein or picking up a protein shake after a workout. Protein is unable to be stored in the body, so any protein your body doesn’t process will be stored as fat.
  • People who store fat in their stomachs as opposed to the hip/seat region may have a higher risk of developing heart disease later in life. So stay active and get that heart rate up!
  • Bloating is a sign of dehydration-when we aren’t drinking the proper amount of water (or we take in too much sodium), our bodies store the water in our system which results in bloating. Your body assumes it might not receive water for some extended period of time, and as a result it holds onto that water until the body is properly re hydrated. The easy way to determine how many ounces of water you should be taking in per day is your weight/2.
  • MICROWAVES NUKE NUTRIENTS!! This may be one of the most depressing facts, but it’s true. In one study, microwave ovens nuked 97% of nutrient content…so remember raw, boiled, steamed, grilled or baked!