BoKU Superfood Review

A few posts ago I talked about how I purchased the BoKU Superfood to start incorporating into my diet and I thought I’d share my experience with you thus far.

Initially, I was very on the fence about it…partially because my colleague was standing over me saying “WHAT is that? Why are you taking that?” and also because it didn’t blend into my drink as well as I had expected. I started off dumping one small scoop into my water and really had to make a conscious effort to finish it. It was gritty, didn’t completely blend into the water, and didn’t have a great taste. My initial thought was “oh great, I’ve bought a recurring shipment for this and I don’t even like it.”

A side note about this super food, I had read that it’s very common for people to dislike the taste/texture/etc. initially, and even the packaging says to start off by incorporating a small amount and slowly increase over time. It also mentions blending into “drinks,” not water, so a week later I decided to give it another shot. We have ‘tea time’ at work everyday around 3:00pm,  so I tried mixing it into my tea with some stevia. Let me tell you, it seriously made all the difference. I have to be honest, it definitely was an acquired taste for me. I forced myself to put it in my tea every day, and after about a week I had become completely addicted. I’ve been putting 2 heaping spoonfuls in my tea everyday and I actually look forward to having it now. I’m not sure if I would go back to putting it in water without any sweetener, but I might try it eventually to see if I’ve grown to like the taste on it’s own.

Health wise, it definitely makes you feel good. In my opinion, it’s similar to the high you might get from a strong tea (I mix it in with a very mild Green Tea) and I feel energized and refreshed after taking it. Since I’ve been working out and eating better in general, it’s hard to tell whether or not it could be attributed to weight loss. From a cleansing perspective, I definitely think this is a great supplement to incorporate into your diet. For me, little things like incorporating this into my diet also help me to make healthier decisions for the rest of the day.

So moral of the story….I love it, I recommend it, and don’t be scared if you are turned off initially. Start with a small serving and be creative. I’ve enjoyed it in tea, smoothies, and salads, but your options are pretty endless. It’s just a powder and the taste isn’t potent so pick up a powder super food at your local health store and see what you think!