New Challenge for Summer!

It’s been a few weeks since my last post-I’ve been busy with everything from last minute trips to Oklahoma and Pennsylvania, doing another STRIPPED boot camp, transitioning to a new position at work, and enjoying my spare time with friends. It’s been almost 6 months since I made the New Years Resolution to get back in shape, and I must say that I’m pretty proud of the progress I’ve made.

That said, I still feel as if I still have work to do these next 7 months. I made the decision in January not to weigh myself and recently changed my mind about that-I can’t say for sure how much I’ve lost, but based on prior experience I would guess that it’s probably between 10-15 pounds. I’ve dropped about two sizes and am finally getting the self confidence back that I had a couple years ago.

SO, my new challenge for myself is to set new goals for the #GetHotForSummer challenge at Barre Bee Fit! I’ve joined a team with three other girls at the studio, and we’re committed to winning the competition and proving ourselves to be the most badass Barre Bees! The challenge runs mid May to mid June, and I’ve decided to hold myself accountable not only through measurements, but also through weighing myself (gasp). After reading the Beauty Detox Solution by Kim Snyder and experimenting with how certain foods make me feel, below are the guidelines I hope to follow starting May 14th:

1. Have a piece of fruit before every meal.Wait 20 minutes after eating the fruit before eating my meals.

2. Make at least 5 protein shakes a week using brown rice protein.

3. Up my raw vegetable intake and have raw veggies of some kind every day.

4. Make the glowing green smoothie at least one morning a week.

5. Lose 5 lbs.

6. Only allow myself to eat out a maximum of 2x per week.

7. Work out at least one time per day.

8. Cook 1 meal a week that I’ve never tried before.

9. Experiment with cooking/eating at least 1 new vegetable/fruit per week.


Hopefully following these goals will yield some healthy results 🙂