#BBFGetHot Challenge Results

This morning I was chatting with one of my friends who commented on me not updating the blog in awhile, and I realized it’s been two months since I’ve posted! I give major props to anyone who is able to balance a full time job and post daily. Unfortunately there aren’t enough hours in the day for me to post as frequently as I’d like, but I’ll look at it as room for improvement and hopefully be better going forward.

So much has happened the past 2 months, but since my last post was prepping for #BBFGetHot, I figure I should probably start there. The 6 week challenge was great-It was so nice having a group of girls hold you accountable for your workouts and check up on your diet. We took turns working out twice a day and a couple of the girls took classes from other studios to mix things up. We also created a group on MyFitnessPal and were able to track each others’ progress as well as our own goals.

By the end of the challenge, everyone on my team saw results which was awesome. I weighed myself like I promised in my last post and managed to lose 6 lbs. We also won a cocktail/sushi party for our friends and family at Union Sushi which was really surprising since we really didn’t think we had a chance of winning!

One thing I wasn’t expecting from this challenge was learning so much about nutrition and fitness! I read two nutrition books over the 6 week period, learned about different workouts from a couple of the instructors, and was finally convinced to start studying for my NASM fitness certification. With the exception of July 4th boozing/grilling the past week, I’ve made a few substantial changes to my diet as well as a couple small changes to my fitness regimen. I plan on talking about the nutrition changes I’ve made in my next post, but Dr. Fuhrman’s blog offers some insight into the “nutritarian” approach to eating that a couple friends and I have decided to adopt.

One last item! My best friend Leah who is going into her 2nd year of law school at OU started a food blog here! Not only is she one of the best cooks I know, but she is so creative and always coming up with new, easy recipes so follow her!

Until next time, “Stay Calm and Exercise!”