My Fitness Bucket List!

I don’t know if anyone has seen this on pinterest yet, but a couple weeks ago I kept seeing different “Fitness Bucket Lists” and thought it was a really cool idea for keeping track of long term fitness related goals. I compiled a list of things on my bucket list–what’s on yours?

  • Become a certified personal trainer.
    Ever since I was in high school, becoming a personal trainer has been in the back of my mind. I’ve always loved learning about different types of exercise and pushing myself to new limits in my workouts. I used to love creating new swim routines back when I was a swim coach, and one of the best feelings was seeing the physical changes and improvements my swimmers made in practice and at meets. That said, I’m not sure I could picture myself being a personal trainer, but I feel like the knowledge I’d get from becoming certified would help myself on both a personal and group training level if I ever decided to become a fitness instructor.
  • Take a SUP class. I don’t even think an explanation is needed here:     
  • Get certified to be a group instructor
    This relates to the personal training certification above. I would love to become a group instructor one day and getting my certification before doing that is important to me. At one of the workout studios I attended recently, I was so impressed by how qualified all the instructors were. There’s nothing more impressive than googling your group instructors and reading things like “Gatorade Man of the Year” or “certified instructor for over 10 years.”
  • Compete in a triathlon
    I haven’t swam in 2 years, but I’d like to think it’s somewhat like riding a bike and I could pick it back up relatively easily!
  • Take a nutrition course.
    Ideally, I’d love to get a degree in dietetics…but at this point in my life, since I don’t have the money and have no desire to work in a hospital setting, it seems like a waste. That said, I love learning about different diets and nutrition habits and would love to take a course or two on nutrition.
  • Two words: Insanity Asylum. I must try it. I also heard they are coming out with a second one, so I clearly need to knock this one off my list ASAP! Just looking at this picture of Shaun T makes me want to buy it right now: