Getting Back On Track

The past couple weeks have been really difficult for me in terms of eating healthy. I’m usually fine with eating well once I get into a routine but lately my schedule has been so crazy that it’s been impossible to stay on track. Of course I didn’t get home from a friend’s wedding in Arkansas until midnight last night but I jumped back on the healthy eating bandwagon this morning and plan on making a Whole Foods run this evening. Below are some of the healthy eating habits/things I’m hoping to incorporate into my diet. Hopefully posting it here will keep me accountable until I’m back in the swing of things!

Boku Superfood Green Tea at least 5 x a week! I blogged about Boku superfood a couple months ago but to be honest, I probably haven’t had it in a month and a half. I had my first cup in awhile this afternoon and I promise you that I could feel a difference in my body immediately. There are so many nutrients in just one scoop and since Dr. Fuhrman’s book turned me off of multivitamins, this is definitely a good replacement for me.

At least 1 salad per day! I just reread Eat To Live and it really reiterated the importance of getting both cruciferous and regular veggies on a daily basis since they are so nutrition dense.  Plus, I’m trying to save money and bags of spinach are cheap!

DRINK AT LEAST 70 OUNCES OF WATER! I was so good about staying hydrated and lately I have fallen off the bandwagon. It prevents bloating, helps cleanse your system, and is imperative to survive…also, it may sound gross but if your pee isn’t clear than you need to drink more water! It’s a great indicator to show how hydrated you are and I definitely haven’t been drinking enough H2O.


No dairy and try to eliminate gluten. It’s always easy for me to give up dairy but gluten is another story…I LOVE carbs. That said, I felt great the few weeks that I actually did this even though it did limit my options.

Read Super Immunity by Dr. Joel Fuhrman. I’m excited to get into this book because it talks about how food correlates with cancer and other diseases. The idea that cancer can be prevented through eating really intrigues me and I’m interested to see how this book differs from Eat to Live.

No processed foods, no exceptions!

Get 8 hours of sleep a night! This is so difficult for me because I open a workout studio at 5:30 in the morning 3 times a week and I always find myself up until midnight.

Let me know if anyone has any suggestions to help me stay on track! Hopefully this will result in a permanent lifestyle change and not a short term diet.