Gluten and Dairy

I was talking with my friend Tracie about gluten and dairy because she’s currently reading The Beauty Detox Solution and I told her I’d write a blog post about how I filtered the food groups out of my diet. I’m definitely not perfect and have times where I slip up, but I think the important thing is to eat well almost all of the time and not focus too hard on the times where you splurge.

For me personally, I focused on eliminating dairy before gluten for a few reasons….

1)      I didn’t want to cut back on both at the same time because I knew I wouldn’t be able to sustain it. I’m 100% positive it would have resulted in me binge eating and getting nowhere.

2)      I’ve never consumed as much dairy as gluten so I thought it’d be easier…yes, I took the easy way out! Got to start somewhere.

3)      What I read about dairy freaked me out more than gluten. I could write a whole blog post about my uncertainty with dairy but one thing I will say now is click here and scroll down to “Human Toxicity.” That toxin, dioxin, is one of the most prevalent toxins in dairy. Is this not scary to anyone else?

Anyways, when I made the decision to cut out dairy, I was already mindful about what I was eating. I ate FAGE greek yogurt and drank coffee black instead of adding milk. I still ate cheese on pizza and sandwiches but since I was trying to eat better my dairy intake was definitely limited.

March was when I made the decision to try cutting it out entirely. If I ate pasta or salad, I added nutritional yeast instead of parmesan. I stopped adding cheese to sandwiches and pizza was marinara and toppings only. It was difficult in the beginning just because I wasn’t used to avoiding it, but after a week or so it became easier. I promise the cravings stop once your body adjusts!

As for Gluten, that’s a whole different story. I don’t have intolerance to gluten but a friend told me she cut gluten out of her diet and felt amazing so I tried to do the same. I am not gluten-free, but I did cut out some gluten foods and definitely feel better. I rarely eat pasta and processed foods, and I choose salads over sandwiches. I still have my whole grain waffles, a piece (or two) of bread at restaurants, and the occasional drunk French fries when we’re out at the bar. I admire people who can cut it out entirely but for me it’s way too hard to eliminate completely.

My advice for anyone trying to eliminate gluten or dairy is to take it in phases. Many people would probably disagree with me and say you need to cut everything out immediately, but I think more often then not it results in binge eating. That said, if you want to eliminate a food group–challenge yourself! Just remember that the first few days are the hardest and if you can hold out that first week, you will be smooth sailing. Also, if anyone has tips for staying on track or delicious substitutes for dairy products please let me know!