Hangover Helpers!

Today marks the beginning of my 3 month challenge to get in shape for Mexico (Tracie is also doing it and you can find her blog here!). I’m definitely not feeling 100% thanks to a weekend of drinking and bad eating so I thought I’d share some hangover tips from the personal trainers and clients where I work out. We had a pretty interesting discussion about what hangover cures they recommend and Labor Day weekend turned out to be a great time to try some of their suggestions. Below are the cures they swear by…enjoy!

1. Pedialyte: This is 100% my new go-to for hangovers and I’m surprised I didn’t hear about it sooner. Pedialyte is used to treat child dehydration/diarrhea because it’s packed with minerals and nutrients. It’s basically a strong electrolyte drink without the added sugars you’ll find in sports and energy drinks. A couple friends and I picked up a liter of it this past weekend and all of us were impressed at how great we felt almost immediately after drinking it. I will say, it is NOT delicious. It tastes like a chalky, unsweetened kool aid, but it’s not unbearable and who cares what it tastes like if it will kill a nasty hangover! This gets an A+ in my book.


2. JuiceRx: Shred415 carries these juices and I’ve been wanting to try them but they are a whopping $9-10 a bottle. From what I’ve heard at the studio, the Fat Flush and a few of the other flavors instantly cure hangovers. I haven’t tried them yet but my coworker said she juices when she’s hungover and feels amazing afterwards. I have yet to try either, but I have juiced in the past and you really do get an instant high from all the nutrients. I’m assuming juicing would have the same effects as JuiceRx, although putting your juicer together and cleaning it is a huge pain in the ass sober, let alone hungover.


3. Smart Water: Because of the electrolytes in Smart Water, some people say it helps with hangovers. Personally, I don’t think I’ve ever drank any type of water hungover and felt exceptional after, but maybe I’ve never tried Smart Water. Either way, the electrolytes definitely can’t hurt you if you’re not feeling great.


4. Exercise. As much as it sucks to workout when you’re hungover, releasing endorphins combined with fresh air can help you feel better even when your body is still recovering from the night before.

5. Pho: I haven’t tried this hangover cure yet but I love Pho so I’m super excited about giving this one a shot. Supposedly the broth in Pho helps replenish the potassium and sodium lost after a long night of drinking. Also, it doesn’t matter what type of Pho you get since the healing properties are in the broth!


6. Bananas! Unfortunately I’m not a big banana fan, but if you are, bananas are excellent for hangovers! They are loaded with potassium and magnesium, which is thought to reduce blood vessel swelling in the head (aka help with that hangover headache!). They are also antacids so they can help with any stomach problems you might have.

Hopefully a couple of these suggestions help you guys in the future if you are ever in a bad, bad place after a weekend of drinking!