Week One Recap

I’m a week and a half into my challenge and things are going okay. I had a feeling Denver was going to put a damper on my eating and working out, andddd I was right.  These next few weeks are going to be a challenge for me with the amount of traveling I’m doing, but I’m hoping that I learned from some of the choices I made last weekend and can stay more on track these next couple months!

Starting weight: 130

Current weight: 128  (I’m willing to bet that most of this loss is just water weight, which is totally fine with me)

Week One Workouts

Monday, September 3rd:Total Body-SHRED workout

Tuesday, September 4th: Arms/Abs-SHRED workout

Wednesday, September 5th: Total Body-SHRED workout; Barre Burn class

Thursday, September 6th: Turbo Kick 40 minute Stretch

Friday, September 7th: Total Body-SHRED workout

Saturday, September 8th: OFF

Things I did well:

  • Completed 1 two-a-day workout.
  • Ate a Mark Bar for breakfast on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday..this is huge for me because I usually eat like crap on weekends, especially if I’m traveling.
  • Only drank 2 beers the entire weekend!

Things I need to improve:

  • Working out when traveling-I ended up taking 3 days off!
  • Making better food choices when eating out.
  • Switching up my workouts…more yoga, barre, pilates, etc.

I’ll be posting my favorite nutrition/fitness websites and blogs later on this afternoon-just wanted to get this recap out of the way first!