Usana RESET Cleanse Review

I don’t think I mentioned this in a prior post, but this week I decided to try the Usana Reset Cleanse and thought I’d write a brief review about my experience. Just a reminder, this is my own personal opinion and this should not be taken as medical advice!

The RESET Cleanse is a 5 day high-fiber cleanse that is intended to make you lose weight (3-5lbs) and cleanse your system. It consists of 2 vitamin packs and 5 meals per day; 3 nutrimeal shakes (Strawberry, Chocolate, and Vanilla) and 2 bars (Peanut Butter/Chocolate and Oatmeal Raisin). I think this is a dated picture, but here is what the package looks like when it arrives:


My roommate tried the cleanse a few weeks before I did and was not a fan but I had already been manipulated into ordering it so I decided to give it a shot. And by “shot” I mean complete two of the five recommended days and decide to eat as clean as possible for the last 3. Here’s a play by play of my two days on the cleanse:

Day 1:

10:00am – Strawberry shake definitely tastes better than I thought and Kim is doing it with me so I’ll have someone to suffer with if it gets bad. Let’s check out the ingredients in this… 15 grams of protein? Hell yes! ….uhh, how come I can’t pronounce ANY of the ingredients on this packaging?

11:00am – Kim messages me to tell me that she is not starting the cleanse today because the residue from her last Usana milkshake has literally curdled in her blender bottle and needs to be thoroughly cleaned at home. I realize the shakes have milk in them and immediately get upset.

2:00pm – I’m 1 bar and 2 shakes in and am impressed by how full I am. No hunger pains=winning.

3:30pm – The only word to describe this state is bloated. I’m 100% sure it’s the dairy but I pretend it’s not happening.

5:00pm – Somehow my period has arrived. I’m on the pill and my period never comes when it’s not welcome. I google period+cleanse and Google tells me it is normal for some extreme cleanses. I don’t consider this extreme but I also pretend this is not happening and eat my oatmeal raisin bar instead.

7:00pm – I mix my vanilla nutrimeal shake with some berries and it is delicious. My period has disappeared which is a relief but my digestive system feels backed up so I go to bed since I have an early morning workout.

Day Two:

6:45am- Workout is complete and I successfully did not get lightheaded! I attribute this to the 15g of protein in the shakes and happily go home to get ready for work.

7:15am- 3 lbs lighter from the day before I started the cleanse! Oh wait, I just worked out at Shred so I probably just lost 3 lbs of water. Crap.

10:00am- WHY DO I STILL FEEL BLOATED? Why are my usual bowel movements not happening? Why is my digestive system so upset with me? Mass confusion in my world. Naturally I default to pretending it’s not happening.

12:30pm- My period returns and I’m starting to seriously question what positive effect this could possibly be having on my body.

3:30pm- Day 2 of the chocolate shake is not as tasty as day 1 of the chocolate shake. How come every meal on this cleanse has over 15g of sugar?

6:00pm- Realization occurs that I do not believe in this cleanse and I’m not feeling cleansed or detoxed. My period is still here, I feel bloated, the poopies are lost in my digestive system, and I am upset. I decide to pretend it’s a two day cleanse and quit.

7:00pm- I eat a trout market salad with a side of Merlot and both are delicious. The amount of satisfaction I experience at this moment is unreal.

Obviously some of this is a bit exaggerated, but honestly I would never commit to this cleanse again. One of my friends referred to it as a “glorified Slim Fast plan” and I have to say that I agree. I think my two biggest problems with RESET are the presence of dairy and the amount of ingredients on the food label that I either can’t pronounce or am unfamiliar with. Reading Eat to Live, Beauty Detox Solution, and In Defense of Food have caused me to become more observant of what’s on my food labels and I’ve become programmed to question ingredients that I don’t recognize.

For me personally, the point of a cleanse is to eliminate toxins from the body by consuming foods that are highest in nutritional content (organic vegetables, cruciferous vegetables, and fruit). Based on that idea, there is absolutely no way in hell that this cleanse does that! I knew this from the beginning and I should have gone with my senses, but it’s obviously another learning experience for me in terms of dieting and I can guarantee you I will not be cleansing with Usana again. JuiceRx, Blue Print, Joulebody, Peeled, yes…but Usana, no!

If you guys have tried any detoxes/cleanses and really enjoyed them, let me know! Also, maybe Usana’s RESET is something that will work well for you. There are a lot of positive reviews out there, but unfortunately I’m just not one of them.

YAYY for real food again!!!