Oh, Vacations…

HAPPY WEDNESDAY! I just got back from Salt Lake City for my brother’s wedding and I must say it’s nice to already be halfway through the work week! This month has been a whirlwind for me with all of the traveling I’ve been doing and unfortunately it’s really put a damper on the diet I wanted to maintain for my trip to Mexico in December. I managed to completely avoid fried food this past week, but anyone who has spent time around my father knows that family meals typically revolve around steak, steak and more steak (which I did not complain about!). This trip my father decided 4 lbs of steak was a suitable amount for 4 people so let’s just say no one went hungry. My dad has a HUGE issue with wasting food so our final night in Salt Lake consisted of my father standing over everyone yelling “NOONE LEAVES THE TABLE UNTIL ALL THE MEAT HAS BEEN CONSUMED!” Cholesterol levels are surely at an all time high today for the McCollough family!

That said, the trip to Salt Lake was awesome and since there really isn’t anything to recap diet-wise, I thought I’d post some photos from the trip. We did a good amount of walking/hiking around so I wasn’t a complete waste of life!

My brother had a Sunday morning wedding and it was absolutely beautiful. The service/reception was in a canyon just outside of Salt Lake and they really couldn’t have picked a more perfect weekend. Fall colors were in full effect and the weather was perfect for the long sleeved dress I decided to wear.


Such a snazzy looking family! …and my dad somehow kept his tie on the entire wedding, which was probably the most impressive part of the wedding.


My brother and his beautiful bride, Nicole!

The reception only lasted a couple hours because Tom and Nicole had to head off for their mini honeymoon in the mountains, so I went for a run afterwards and was pretty lazy the rest of the day.

On Monday we decided to head to Park City, Utah and go for a little hike. The weather was COLD so we didn’t really get to move around as much as we liked, but I got some great shots of the Wasatch mountains.


Afterwards we headed back to Salt Lake and decided to head up to the benches and take some shots of the city. It must be one of the few places where you get mountains, the city, and a body of water all in one spot, and I couldn’t get over how spread out everything was.


Aside from Mark jumping into the side of the picture, I love this shot. You can see my dad getting a shot of the city and you have a great view of the Great Salt Lake in the background.


I’m really envious of my brother for living in Salt Lake. The city really has SO much to offer from a sports and outdoors perspective…skiing, hiking, rock climbing, water sports, snow shoeing, etc. It’s crazy to think the people who live in the city are just 10 minutes away from a vacation that many of us plan months ahead for. Mark and I decided we could live there for a couple years but we also learned that cocktails are limited to 1.5 ounces of liquor, so ordering a “double” in Salt Lake is illegal. While it’s not a big deal, I also had a tough time ordering a round at the bar when my dad and Mark were sitting at our table, so it seems like they are very stingy about their alcohol.

If you ever have the opportunity to travel to Utah, you must go! I’m already trying to convince my friends to plan a winter trip there.

Hopefully I will have more fitness/health stuff to post before I head to Dallas on Friday! 🙂