YumUniverse Lifetime Membership!

As everyone knows, I’ve spent the past few months trying to clean up my diet and be more mindful of what’s actually in the foods that I eat. A few months ago I tried to cut back on my meat intake after reading a couple nutrition books on the benefits of a nutrient dense diet, but I didn’t end up getting too far. Although I knew why I wanted to cut back on certain foods, I didn’t have a foundation of how to go about maintaining a diet completely different from what I’ve practiced for 26 years–which is where Yum Universe’s Lifetime Membership and In Defense of Food by Michael Pollan came in.

After I read In Defense of Food, I decided that I wanted to give a predominately plant based, non processed diet another shot. A trainer that I work out with recommended I check out Heather Crosby’s website, YumUniverse, for helpful plant based tips and recipes that would start me on the right track.


The YumUniverse website is amazing for anyone wanting to start a plant based diet!!! I think it can best be described by its’ own slogan, “Infinite plant-based possibilities.” There’s recipes, information about plant-based dieting, book and documentary recommendations, resources on how to prepare plant based foods….the list goes on and on. FYI – It’s obviously unrealistic for me to say that I don’t ever want to eat meat, but I would like to significantly cut back and maintain a more nutrient dense diet.

In addition to the free portion of the website (which is honestly amazing in itself!), my friend also recommended I check out the Lifetime Membership that was recently launched. There’s really no point in me explaining it because Heather does such a good job in her video here, so all you have to do is click the link and she will tell you everything you need to know!

I’m starting the meal plan next Monday but I wanted to go ahead and share the website with you guys since I’ve found it so helpful. I’ve been making her recipes the past couple weeks and they have turned out great–so great that I’m almost at the two week mark of being meat free! If any of her recipes catch your eye, I highly recommend that you give them a shot and please let me know what you think! I recommend the Kale and Lentil Pizza and the Red Quinoa Tacos!

BY THE WAY, THE STEELERS ARE PLAYING TONIGHT!!!! Hooray for Thursday Night Football!