YumUniverse Lifetime Membership Review!

Hello everyone! I’m back from a 2 week hiatus of not posting. Unfortunately I don’t really have any excuses for temporarily disappearing except that I’ve been completely swamped at work and I’m not the best person at late night blogging.

ANYWAYS, today I wanted to briefly talk about the YumUniverse lifetime membership and my review of it thus far (I’ll be receiving my week #5 meal plan tomorrow! Time flies!). I wrote a post about my decision to purchase the plan here if you’re interested in some background info!


I purchased the meal plan 4 weeks ago and decided to start with the Test Drive portion of the membership. If you’re new to a plant based diet, I highly recommend doing this before jumping into the meal plans. Heather does an excellent job of laying out what you need to know, how to prep for the week, and exactly what to buy to prepare your meals.

Each plan has it’s own shopping list so I took the one for Test Drive and proceeded to walk around Whole Foods like a complete idiot for 2 hours. I consider myself to be somewhat well versed in healthy foods, but this shopping list was a completely different ball game – Tahini? Chickpea Miso? Tamari? Hemp seed? Let’s just say there was mass confusion on my end. Luckily the people at Whole Foods know their stuff and after admitting to myself that I had no idea what I was doing, I was able to find everything and get out of there relatively unharmed.

The first trip to the grocery store was definitely the most expensive and hardest part of the plan. If you can get past that, you’re golden! A lot of the things you buy on that first trip will last awhile, so the following weeks to the grocery store are much easier and significantly cheaper.

The Meals

I’ll be honest-I don’t follow the meal plan to a T. I never have time to cook breakfast in the morning so I still have my usual fruit and brown rice protein coffee for breakfast.  Also, I’ve become OBSESSED with a couple of Heather’s salad dressings so I make large batches over the weekend and have salads everyday for lunch (I also do this because Heather stresses the importance of avoiding microwaves, and unfortunately there’s really no other way for me to heat up soups and other meals at the office). Aside from that, I’ve done a pretty good job of following most of the dinners on the meal plans.  There’s so many recipes to choose from and none of them are extremely difficult-although I am wishing I had an ice cream maker and food processor so I could make more desserts and not have to use my blender so often!


I’m really, really happy I decided to purchase the lifetime membership. Aside from feeling better, I think my favorite part about the membership is how much I’ve learned over these past few weeks. I’ve learned about new health foods, cooked with foods I’ve never heard of before, watched documentaries that Heather suggested, and read her eBooks that discuss everything from dairy to the government’s impact on our diets. Even the weekly “family dinners” I have with my cousin and a couple close friends have become vegan thanks to their support of me following the plan.

Having YumUniverse as a resource to eating clean has been amazing these past few weeks and I’m excited to see what’s in store these coming months!