New Obsession: Apple-Fruit Protein Smoothie!

Happy Friday!!! Since Monday is Veteran’s Day, I have a 3 day weekend and am pretty excited about it! Holidays like Veterans Day, Columbus Day, and Presidents Day always sneak up on me, and Veteran’s Day this year is no exception. It’s always nice when your boss reminds you that you can leave early and not show up on Monday or you’ll be at work suffering alone 🙂

Last week my boyfriend and I took a yoga class at Core Power Yoga and stumbled upon a local nutrition store on our walk home. Initially we thought it was just an organic health food store that carried supplements and other local products, but when we got to the back of the store we realized they also had raw protein smoothies and wraps. We ordered a large protein smoothie with raw protein, all natural organic apple juice, and the fruit of your choice….and then realized the smoothie was $8 DOLLARS. We obviously couldn’t return our smoothie but decided that next time we would just recreate it on our own.

Wellllll, last night was recreation night and it turned out better than the smoothie from the health food store! Mark was definitely a little skeptical at first because I insisted we use my Boku Super Protein since I don’t use whey or casein protein anymore, but the texture was perfect and tasty (as it should be for how expensive the protein was!). Considering we guesstimated the ingredients as well as the amount to use, I was beyond impressed with our shake-making abilities.


Here’s the recipe we created…feel free to use whatever fruit and protein you like!

Apple-Fruit Protein Smoothie (makes 2 servings)

2 scoops Boku Super Protein – or use the protein of your choice

3/4 carton of organic strawberries

1 cup organic, all natural apple juice*

Approximately 4-5 cups ice – we blended in more afterwards because we like our shakes thicker…totally up to you!

6-8 drops liquid stevia

Optional: 2 tsp chia seeds (this will also thicken your shake)


* Check the ingredients when you’re considering which apple juice to buy. The one we purchased solely had juice from organic apples and absorbic acid for coloring (this is often used in wine and other juices to prevent fruits from browning; similar to squeezing lemon juice on an apple to keep it from turning brown). However, the other USDA Organic apple juice we looked at had over 10 ingredients-and most of the ingredients we didn’t recognize, so we opted for the non-GMO type 🙂 Totally your choice, just make sure you’re informed!



Hope everyone has a great weekend! I’m checking out a couple new fitness studios with a friend and doing some other fitness-related activities between now and Tuesday, so hopefully I have lots of exciting things to blog about next week!