Another long hiatus….

I have been horrible at posting on the blog lately! I picked up a couple new deals at work and a couple extra shifts at the studio where I workout, so I haven’t had nearly as much free time. I just need to make blogging more of a priority, I guess…might be a good New Years Resolution for 2013!

The only thing new in my world right now is I finally sat down and wrote out a weekly workout routine to follow. I’ve talked before about how I’m really bad at mixing up my workouts-I will try a workout studio, become obsessed, and then only go there until I get tired of it and move onto something different. When I started working out at my current studio, Shred415, I had every intention of also incorporating other workouts into my routine…but of course, that didn’t happen and I got in the habit of shred, shred, shred, shred, shred!

A few weeks ago, one of my friends who is a personal trainer/group fitness instructor asked me about my workout routine and was concerned I wasn’t getting enough variety in my workouts. We discussed our workout habits and I found out she followed a similar routine earlier this year and ended up sidelined with an injury for 4 weeks. She insisted that I would stop seeing results in my workouts and could easily end up injured if I didn’t come up with specific goals and incorporate more variety in my workouts.

Basically all I did was come up with 3 new workouts that I wanted to start doing on a regular basis in addition to running and strength training. I chose a workout I didn’t really like but knew would be effective (yoga), a workout that I loved but wasn’t doing enough (mat pilates and Reformer pilates), and a random workout that would change every couple weeks. From there, I did some research to come up with a schedule, asked my friend her opinion, and hit the ground running! I’ve only been following it for 3 weeks so far but I’ve already shaved 30 seconds off my mile time (which had previously been the same for 2 months) and feel so much better in my workouts.

A helpful tip – I highly recommend creating a workout calendar to keep track of your workouts if you don’t have one already. It keeps me accountable, ensures that I’m switching it up, and helps me keep track of different studios and new workouts I want to try. 

I thought I’d share some articles about the importance of variety in your workouts. Hope this inspires you if you are currently struggling with a routine!

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