Fitness Wish List

1. Mizuno Wave Rider 15/16: I’ve been researching running shoes for the last month since mine are unfortunately on their last legs and I’ve heard nothing but amazing things about the Mizuno Wave Riders. They just came out with the 16’s but I have a few friends who really like the 15’s and they just dropped in price due to the 16’s release….these pretty sneakers will be on my feet before New Years!


2. Polar FT7 Watch: I’ve been thinking about getting a cross training watch lately and I know a lot of people that swear by the Polar FT4 and FT7. It tracks your heart rate, amount of time you are in the zone, whether you are burning fat or improving fitness, and provides a calorie amount.


3. Lululemon: Run Turn Around Jacket: I feel like every season there’s a Lululemon jacket that I fall in love with and this time around it’s the Run: Turn Around Jacket. I’m praying it ends up in the sale section and more importantly, in my closet.


4. Lululemon What the Fluff Vest:I’ve been seeing alot of vests lately and really like this one from Lulu (of course). They also have some cute ones at Eddie Bauer but I especially like the detail on the zipper of this vest…


5. Entry for Napa Valley2Sonoma Wine Country Half Marathon: A couple months ago I agreed to join some friends in the Napa Valley 2 Sonoma half marathon next July and REGISTRATION OPENS FRIDAY! This will be my first half marathon (although I also agreed to run one in January-we shall see if that actually happens) and it will also be my first time in Napa!

I’m also investing in some new supplements but since that doesn’t include pretty pictures, I won’t bore everyone with that 🙂 What’s on your fitness wish list?