Homemade Popcorn!

A couple weeks ago my parents came to town and I asked them to bring a few old cooking utensils that I knew they didn’t use anymore…one of them being a popcorn maker!

Popcorn has been one of my favorite snacks for as long as I can remember, probably because it’s nearly impossible to mess up. Since I’ve become more interested in nutrition over the past year, I’ve read a few articles on the potential dangers of microwaves and how much more nutritious homemade popcorn is than the processed, microwavable stuff. I remembered that my parents used to pop their own popcorn when I was little so I immediately jumped at the opportunity to steal their popper from them 🙂

Last night I decided to pick up some whole grain kernels and put my popcorn popper to the test. I chose olive oil as my cooking oil but you can also use grapeseed, canola, or even Orville Redenbacher’s popcorn oil (although obviously I recommend not using Orville, for health reasons and because I don’t like ConAgra).

The popcorn turned out great! It tastes less time to pop than microwavable popcorn, it’s SO MUCH HEALTHIER, and the cleanup process couldn’t be easier. THE WHOLE PROCESS TOOK 10 MINUTES TOPS! If you are a big popcorn lover like I am, investing in a popcorn popper should be at the top of your to-do list…not to mention there are hundreds of different ways to flavor your popcorn which is the best part!


I have the Whirley Pop, but you could even use an old pot if you don’t want to invest in an actual popper. This is probably my new favorite cooking utensil and I’m officially swearing off microwavable popcorn from here on out!

PS. Adding cajun seasonings (Tony’s!) is my favorite way to flavor my popcorn right now!

Happy popping!