Looking back on 2012 Resolutions

After spending my Monday solidifying and accepting some new opportunities which I’ll be talking about later this week, I decided to look back at my New Years resolutions I made in my first blog post. Rereading that post really opened my eyes to how far I’ve come over the past year and made me appreciate the group of people who have helped me and supported me on my fitness journey the past 12 months.

Last December I made two pretty broad resolutions- to get back in shape, and slow down and find more time for myself. I want to talk a little about these resolutions and where I stand now compared to where I was when I wrote that first post.

Resolution #1:

“…find that mentality I lost at some point over the past 2 years…start bringing my lunch to work, committing to some type of exercise 6 days a week, and monitor my diet.”

It’s so weird to look back and see how far I’ve come in just a year. I’ve completely transformed my lifestyle solely by making a commitment to myself that I would be healthier. I really think writing down my resolutions and posting them for my friends to see had a pretty big impact on staying focused and accountable for my actions. If anyone has a resolution that they are really passionate about keeping, I suggest doing the same and getting to work! I bring my lunch to work everyday now, I’m consistently getting in at least 6 workouts a week, and my diet is completely different from just a year ago. Although it took some serious dedication (3 bootcamps, to be exact), once I rediscovered the part of me that loves health and fitness, the ride to where I am today was surprisingly easy.

Resolution #2:

“SLOW DOWN!…my weekdays right now consist of waking up, jump in the shower, rush to get ready, walk 30 minutes to work, work until 5, happy hour after work until 7:30…cook dinner with friends, hang out…way too late.”


I think the best way to sum up my progress with this resolution is to describe what my day looks like now. I wake up at 5:15am and head straight to the gym where I work/workout until 7:30. I’m still very rushed to get ready for work but I manage to always have a packed lunch. Work until 5:00pm, head to a pilates or yoga class 4x a week, and then go home and make dinner. I usually watch a bit of TV and then read for 30 minutes before finally going to bed.

I’ve made some serious progress with resolution #2 but there is still MUCH improvement to be made with regards to “slowing down.” I’m still on-the-go more than I’d prefer and I never have a free day to really relax. I think this is definitely a resolution that I could extend into 2013.

What New Years resolutions did you make and were you able to keep them? I’ve already created a list of my resolutions for 2013 and they are much more challenging and specific than 2012. I’m excited to share them with you all and see what next year has in store!