Chia Seed Pudding Recipe!

Hello everyone! Mark’s mom sent us a recipe the other day for Chia Seed Pudding and I decided to make a quick batch last night. I’ve seen similar recipes on a lot of… Continue reading

Some New Finds

1. Favorite new way to store food: 2. Favorite Winter Jacket: 3. Best new breakfast recipe (Photo courtesy of Erin Stewart): 4. New website I can’t get enough of: 5. Two new books… Continue reading

YumUniverse Lifetime Membership!

As everyone knows, I’ve spent the past few months trying to clean up my diet and be more mindful of what’s actually in the foods that I eat. A few months ago I… Continue reading

In Defense of Food – Book Review

Hello everyone! Today I thought I’d share my thoughts on another book I just finished called In Defense of Food by Michael Pollan. Pollan is a journalist and professor of journalism that has… Continue reading

Foodie Wednesday!

Hello everyone! I am back from Dallas and happy to be done traveling for a couple months. Traveling every weekend really took a lot out of me and I’m excited to get back… Continue reading

A Bit of Inspiration for your Friday!

Happy Friday, everyone! I’m off to Dallas in a few hours for vacation (my last trip for awhile, thank God!) but wanted to write a quick post before I head out. This morning… Continue reading

Oh, Vacations…

HAPPY WEDNESDAY! I just got back from Salt Lake City for my brother’s wedding and I must say it’s nice to already be halfway through the work week! This month has been a… Continue reading

Usana RESET Cleanse Review

I don’t think I mentioned this in a prior post, but this week I decided to try the Usana Reset Cleanse and thought I’d write a brief review about my experience. Just a… Continue reading

The Horror Food Commonly Known as Beets

Earlier this week I decided to finally give JuiceRx a try and picked up the Pineapple Jalapeno flavor. I was really impressed by how delicious it was, mostly because pineapple-jalapeno juice doesn’t exactly… Continue reading

Health and Fitness Blogs

Happy Thursday! Last weekend Tracie asked if I would post some of my favorite health and fitness blogs, and since I love procrastinating at work and searching the internet for new fitness websites,… Continue reading