My Jacket Stalking Experience

Happy Friday!! It’s not even 11 yet and this Friday has been especially great to me thanks to this little gem I’ve been stalking the past 3 months (not joking):


I’ve put so much time into stalking this running jacket that I feel it deserves it’s own blog post. Pathetic, I know.

I’m totally loving that neon colors are in and when I saw this jacket online at Lululemon a few months ago, I instantly fell in love. A friend and I both freaked when we saw it and decided to check every Lulu store in Chicago to see if they had it in stores. At the time, none of the stores had the jacket yet and the main Lululemon “hub” experienced some roof damage so they were closed for a few days and couldn’t confirm if they’d be getting it in. I would have ordered it online but I wasn’t sure it was worth the money and wanted to see it in person first, so I continued to call about once a week to see if it ever came in.

It didn’t. Of course with my luck, the stores got the jacket in every color except ray and I came to the conclusion that I didn’t want to spend that much money on a lightweight jacket…so naturally I decided to stalk the jacket online and hope it’d eventually go on sale. I turned into a crazed Lululemon stalker and would check everyday to see if my size was in stock and if it went on sale. I annoyed my friends, boyfriend, and parents talking about this stupid jacket for about 2 months until this past Tuesday when I went online and it literally DISAPPEARED from the website entirely!

Like a true psycho, I freaked. I reached out to another friend who works for corporate at Lulu and told her that 12 hours earlier the jacket was online in every size and color so there was NO WAY it could have sold out. She confirmed my worst nightmare that the jacket likely wouldn’t be going on sale and I should have jumped on it when I saw it. Her only recommendation was to call corporate….so I did. And they told me it was sold out. So I emailed corporate. Got the same response. So they checked every store in Chicago for me even though I had already done that and it was confirmed that the jacket was gone forever.

…now is where I should probably mention that I can be an extremely stubborn person. My stubbornness works against me 99.9% of the time, but the .1% of the time when it works in my favor is freakin’ sweet. I refused to believe that this jacket was gone for good when every size and color was in stock the day before. I decided I was the only one who knew what was going on and that there had to be some serious delay in moving regular priced items to the sale page….AND I WAS RIGHT! I decided to check the sale page this morning and there it was! LOOK!


$50 OFF!! This jacket was in my shopping cart and I was checked out in probably 25 seconds due to fear that it would disappear again forever. I can now shut up about this jacket and get on with my life…and more importantly, everyone remember if you ever stalk something online at Lululemon and it disappears-don’t give up hope!